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All the music you hear at this web page showcases the artistry of Alka Yagnik in solo and with others. This is my personal collection of my favourite songs of the thousands of songs she has recorded. I am very pleased to share these songs with you and I hope that you enjoy this incredible music from an incredible artist and lady. You will be moved by this music, and if you are not already, I am certain that you too will become a true admirer of this artist and her music after listening to these wonderful renditions.

It is an unforgetable experience to be at a concert and see and hear Alka-ji perform in person. CLICK HERE to see the international concert dates that I am aware of.

To learn more about Alka Yagnik, CLICK HERE to go to

If you would care to write me and comment about the songs, the player, make a suggestion or just to say "Hi," feel free to send me a message.


This music is shared in pure tribute and gratitude to Alka Yagnik. There is no commercial purpose whatever. Money is not being raised or solicited in any form through this endeavour.

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